Hans Ulrich Obrist: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating*





Since 2007, we have worked with the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the editor April Lamm to produce a book series published by Sternberg Press that would turn the tables on the peripatetic curator—making the well-known interviewer the subject. The first volume in the series titled Everything You Wanted to Know about Curating sheds light on Obrist’s thoughts on curating and on the beginning of his own career.

The volume features interviews and collected writings that illuminate the manifold references that have influenced Obrist’s interdisciplinary approach to exhibition making. Our design for the book proposes a new notation system that would add further nuance to the concepts presented by Obrist. A legend introduces the system of graphic interventions that denote moments of repetition, key ideas and points of reference. We developed a new punctuation mark—the Interfinity symbol designed with Radim Peško—to indicate questions with an infinite number of answers. In addition, the symbol is embossed on the back cover setting the inquisitive tone of the book.