In Search of a Forgotten Architect





Stefan Sebök was a Hungarian-born architect who worked with Walter Gropius in the late 1920s. The book is the outcome of the research of Sebök’s niece, Lilly Dubowitz, who pieced together clues of her uncle’s life. It contains first-time reproductions of numerous illustrations, drawings and sketches uncovered from different archives. The use of Akzidenz-Grotesk throughout summons Sebök’s modernist work, but the materiality of the book is a tribute to Lilly’s own exhaustive archival digging – from the title-less cover that begins with just a police photo, and a leporello that reveals a 1:1 scale reproduction, to thick colourful stock that invokes the tactile nature of rifling through archival files. The edition was launched at the Barbican, where it coincided with the 2012 Bauhaus exhibition.