Daria Martin: Tonight the World





Since 2015 we have worked with the Barbican on a series of books presenting exhibitions in The Curve gallery. Designed with collectability in mind, the series is represented through bold typography and a thoughtful consideration of format and materials. Each new volume is composed of a single case-bound signature documenting new commissions and featuring a brief interview with the artist.

The latest book in the series, Tonight the World, presents the newly commissioned installation by London-based artist Daria Martin. With a timely spin on psychoanalysis, Martin restages scenes from her grandmother’s dream diaries through film and gaming technology. The viewer is guided through the subconscious maze from a first-person perspective, into a series of memories retelling the flight from Nazi occupation in Czechoslovakia. The fully illustrated catalogue includes an essay by art critic Dr Maria Walsh and a conversation between the curator Florence Ostende and the artist.