Hans Ulrich Obrist: An Exhibition Always Hides Another Exhibition





Continuing our collaboration with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the editor April Lamm, we designed the third volume in the book series published by Sternberg Press focusing on the career of the international curator. An Exhibition Always Hides Another Exhibition is a collective portrait of Hans Ulrich Obrist composed by friends, collaborators, admirers, and inquisitors. From personal anecdotes to analytic estimations to visual representations, the contributions respond to the questions that frame the book: Who is HUO? What does HUO do? What has HUO done?

In contrast to the preceding two volumes, An Exhibition… kicks off with a selection of portraits showing HUO as seen by the numerous artists he worked with over the years: Koo Jeong A, Gerhard Richter, Simone Fattal, Adrian Villar Rojas, Giorgo Griffa among others. The cover features an illustration by Alex Katz printed on inverted box board, giving the paperback a matte textured feel. A design feature that makes a reappearance is the Interfinity symbol – a punctuation mark we developed with Radim Peško to indicate questions with an infinite number of answers – which is embossed on the back cover, setting the inquisitive tone of the book.