Zak Group designed the website and visual identity for TVK, an international office of architecture and urban design in Paris. Through a series of collaborative, hands-on workshops we distilled the practice’s core values to craft an identity system that includes a revised name, website, project booklets and internal communication tools.

As part of our identity we condensed the practice’s name—from Trévelo & Viger-Kohler to TVK—and sought for ways to reaffirm the importance of writing and publishing in the firm’s architectural practice. The new TVK logotype is set in Vendôme, an audacious, modernist interpretation of Garamond.

The TVK website presents the heterogeneity of the practice’s work through a brutally simple division between Architecture and Office. The Architecture section includes the entirety of the office’s architectural output articulated through three page types: projects, writing and research. Content can be filtered through a drill-down interface organised around typologies (tower, road, book) or concepts (youthful territories, energy, complexity). The homepage presents dynamic clusters of content associated with a single typology or concept alongside a series of selected projects.