Faust Record




Zak Group has collaborated with Frankfurt-based artist Anne Imhof on the graphic design and art direction of the double LP Faust released by PAN records. Anne Imhof’s acclaimed performance and exhibition from 2017’s Venice Biennale was awarded the Golden Lion. The music for Faust was written by Imhof and close collaborators Billy Bultheel, Eliza Douglas and Franziska Aigner during the months leading up to its premiere at the opening of the German Pavilion in Venice. The album is accompanied by a booklet featuring photography by Nadine Fraczkowski. Titles are set in Their Bodoni an ultra high-contrast typeface inspired by the work of Italian type designer and printer Giambattista Bodoni, and designed specifically for the collaboration with the artist. FAUST is also available as a CD and on major streaming platforms.