As part of our art direction for Fridericianum (2013-16), we created unique materials for each of the museum’s exhibitions during the tenure of director Susanne Pfeffer. Developed in close collaboration with the curators and artists, the resulting postcards, pamphlets and catalogues are a response to the specific concerns and aesthetic qualities of each show.

The exhibition brings together works that offer visions of the human being as a socially trained yet resistant body, transcending biologically or socially determined gender classifications. We have designed visual materials to support the exhibition that refer to the shifting perspectives on human subjectivity and the body presented in the show. The black and white booklet printed on a gloss stock serves as a haptic guide for the visitor as captions have been removed from the gallery space. The cover of the exhibition guide confronts the reader with a black and white reproduction of Nicholas Deshayes’ Cramps, a work that tests the threshold between liquid and solid, and explores the friction between the industrially produced and the corporeality of being human.

Artists include Julieta Aranda, Dora Budor, Andrea Crespo, Nicolas Deshayes, Aleksandra Domanović, David Douard, Jana Euler, Cécile B. Evans, Melanie Gilligan, Oliver Laric, Johannes Paul Raether, Pamela Rosenkranz, Stewart Uoo, Lu Yang and Anicka Yi.