Speculations on Anonymous Materials




As part of our art direction for Fridericianum (2013-16), we created unique materials for each of the museum’s exhibitions during the tenure of director Susanne Pfeffer. The first of these exhibitions was Speculations on Anonymous Materials, curated by Pfeffer in the autumn of 2013. The exhibition presented the work of artists whose approach to abstraction is informed by the contemporary conditions of visual culture in terms of originality, repetition, networked relationships and virtual mediums. Our design for the exhibition integrated conceptual metadata with German and English keywords prefaced by the now omnipresent hashtag symbol. The use of these keywords in combination with bright chroma key blue were adapted for postcards, an exhibition guide and the foyer space.

Artists include Michele Abeles, Ed Atkins, Trisha Baga & Jessie Stead, Alisa Baremboym, Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers, Antoine Catala, Simon Denny, Aleksandra Domanović, GCC, Yngve Holen, Sachin Kaeley, Daniel Keller, Josh Kline, Oliver Laric, Tobias Madison, Katja Novitskova, Ken Okiishi, Jon Rafman, James Richards, Pamela Rosenkranz, Avery Singer, Timur Si Quin and Ryan Trecartin.