Tetsumi Kudo




As part of our art direction for Fridericianum (2013-16), we created unique materials for each of the museum’s exhibitions during the tenure of director Susanne Pfeffer. The last exhibition we worked on includes exhibition posters, pamphlets and a catalogue, centered around the retrospective of Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo and the screening of new films by Loretta Fahrenholz.

Kudo’s first comprehensive retrospective in Germany presents a consistent body of work that serves as a model for contemporary conceptual approaches of Posthumanism and New Materialism. To emphasize the distance from the purely human and natural, the publications employ neon green as a colour that exists outside nature.

In her post-cinematic films, Fahrenholz documents the contemporary reality that is shaped by collective fictions, staging, and media communication. The exhibition booklet presents full-bleed stills from her films as well as introductory texts to her works, in a manner that refers to the faux-domestic quality of her films.