Fredrik Værslev as I Imagine Him




As part of our ongoing collaboration with Astrup Fearnley Museet, we worked with Norwegian artist Fredrik Værslev on the exhibition campaign and artists’ book for his exhibition Fredrik Værslev as I Imagine Him. Spanning works from the past decade, the solo show leads viewers through the painter’s acclaimed series of works referencing speckled terrazzo floor, striped canopies or trolley-wheel marks, made by wheeling a trolley through paint and over the canvas.

Our design for the campaign and publication expands on Værslev’s painterly techniques by digitally extracting his painted gestures. The raw linen book jacket is overprinted with trolley-wheel marks in two different colours, signifying the Norwegian and English editions. The catalogue is divided into three sections; a section of colour plates, a central section of texts printed on a coarse uncoated paper and a black-and-white visual index. The visual index mirrors the order of the colour section while reducing the works to their elemental forms and painterly gestures.