Nature After Nature




As part of our art direction for Fridericianum (2013-16), we created unique materials for each of the museum’s exhibitions during the tenure of director Susanne Pfeffer. The printed material accompanying the exhibition and overarching visual concept for Nature after Nature is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Fridericianum and director Susanne Pfeiffer. We designed pamphlets, posters and a catalogue supporting the group exhibition which demonstrates a nature after nature which, in the context of global transformations, needs to be redefined.

Nature after Nature presents artistic works using materials that surround us and constitute nature, rejecting conventional differentiations between synthetic and organic. Responding to the specific concerns and aesthetic qualities of the show, our visual language brings together natural-looking images with references to man-made processes or substances. Metal, a natural element with a symbolism that is highly referential of social and economic shifts, leads the visual concept for the accompanying graphic materials. The high-gloss cover is a manipulated depiction of artist Marlie Mul’s work Boneless Banquet for One. An image of her work in fibreglass, resin and litter printed in a combination of copper and black references the artificial traits of new nature. The background and image of the inner cover allude to halftone printing, an early, commercially successful technique of reproducing images.

Artists include Olga Balema, Juliette Bonneviot, Björn Braun, Nina Canell, Alice Channer, Ajay Kurian, Sam Lewitt, Jason Loebs, Marlie Mul, Magali Reus, Nora Schultz and Susanne M. Winterling.