Jungle Stripe




As part of our art direction for Fridericianum (2013-16), we created unique materials for each of the museum’s exhibitions during the tenure of director Susanne Pfeffer. The booklet, invitations and posters we created for Jungle Stripe support Anicka Yi’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, reflecting her confrontation of nature with scientific and colonialist hubris.

In her work, Anicka Yi explores life forms, organisms and microbiological processes with “multinatural perspectivism”. The exhibition booklet explores further the clashes and unions between natural and artificial bringing Yi’s work together with illustrations by British botanist Margaret Mee, a pioneer in environmental activism in the Amazon Basin. The double sided booklet which can be read in English or German contains the exhibition guide, the essay The Notion of Species in History and Anthropology by Eduardo Viveiros de Castello and the script of Yi’s film The Flavour Genome. The publication is larger in scale than previous Fridericianum exhibition guides to celebrate the botanical illustrations and reproductions of stills from The Flavour Genome.