Memory Palace




We designed the identity, campaign, printed matter and exhibition graphics for Memory Palace at White Cube, a group exhibition showcasing over 90 recent works by more than 40 artists in celebration of the gallery’s 25th anniversary. Spread across both London galleries, works were grouped into six rooms focusing on different aspects of memory—Historical, Autobiographical, Traces, Transcription, Collective and Sensory. Our identity distilled the floorplan—and mnemonic strategy—of Memory Palace into a series of colour-coded rooms, used to form unique compositions across a wide range of applications.

In addition to a city-wide poster campaign we designed a digital campaign of animated trailers, deployed across the gallery’s Instagram account, receiving over 64k views. Within the gallery space we designed a series of colour-coded wall panels that lead visitors through the gallery, divided thematically and architecturally by a modular wall system designed by vPPR Architects.