Richard Mosse: Incoming





Since 2015 we have worked with the Barbican on a series of books presenting exhibitions in The Curve gallery. Designed with collectability in mind, the series is represented through bold typography and a thoughtful consideration of format and materials. Each new volume is composed of a single case-bound signature documenting new commissions and featuring a brief interview with the artist.

Incoming, the latest publication in The Curve series, presents an installation by the conceptual documentary photographer Richard Mosse who uses advanced thermographic equipment to create an immersive artwork about the refugee crisis. The images are vivid and unsparing but have a degree of abstraction: skin tones cannot be differentiated, while inverted gradations add distance. The night-vision image on the cover is printed using metallic ink. Equally seductive and brutal, reproductions of stills from the video installation span double page spreads and are juxtaposed by earlier analog photographic works.