Group Object




Zak Group designed and developed the new e-commerce website Group Object, a publishing house for cultural objects at the intersection of art, design and fashion.

Our identity for Group Object includes a bespoke sans-serif typeface. Each product is named after its collaborator followed by Group Object flanked with parentheses – which is at once appendix and the site’s logo. The product code is displayed as it would appear on an inventory, composed of the collaborator’s initials and the colour code.

The e-commerce site is built in Sanity, an open-source headless CMS built in React.js. With user experience in mind, we developed an intuitive shopping cart menu that allows users to easily pull up and adjust their orders during checkout.

Credit card payments are securely processed through the Stripe payment gateway. When a purchase is made, order confirmations followed by dispatch emails are sent out through Mailgun, an API for application driven emails.

The first collaboration with artists Anne Imhof and Eliza Douglas was released at Tate Modern on the occasion of Anne Imhof’s Tate Live commission SEX (March, 2019).