Fact Issue 1





Zak Group has art directed the first issue of the relaunched Fact magazine, a leading voice in the global conversation on electronic music since the early 2000s. The Fall/Winter 2020 issue marks an editorial move towards the intersection of audio and visual art forms, featuring four cover stories by Ryoji Ikeda, Kelsey Lu, Pan Daijing and Kahlil Joseph.

Over the past two decades, Fact has established itself in the electronic music community by covering a wide range of genres, with a particular focus on electronic, pop, rap, and experimental artists. Originally founded in 2003 as an underground magazine Fact later became an influential online platform.

We developed a cohesive identity to be used across Fact’s print and digital outlets. The new Fact logo features extended letterforms and highly contrasting counterspaces fused into a single graphic element. The logo connects the futurist origins of pioneering audio technology from the 1960s and 70s with contemporary digital culture. For the magazine we created an elastic visual language that responds to a new wave of audio and visual art practices while its typographic systems and rule-based layouts create a collision between text and imagery.