8th Berlin Biennale opening

BERLIN — Beginning 29 May, the eighth edition of Berlin Biennale will take place throughout the city of Berlin at venues including Haus am Waldsee and Museen Dahlem – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in addition to its home at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. We were appointed by the curator Juan A. Gaitán as Art Directors a year ago, and we used the opportunity to consider how contemporary art could move away from an economy of images by presenting the Biennale through language and writing. We introduced a simple pair of curved brackets that act as parentheses. When closed, the brackets form an 8 to refer to the Biennale’s eighth edition. When expanded, they contain the contents of the Berlin Biennale and serve as the platform for a series of texts commissioned by the artist Agatha Gothe-Snape. Our art direction of the Berlin Biennale includes the website, guidebook, signage and wayfinding, posters and other print materials. The Biennale will remain on view until 3 August 2014.